Native Plant Sale

Saturday, August 17, 10 – 2,

Parking Lot at 12th St. and Pope St., Silver City

Poster for native plant sale

Why plant native plants? Because they have been growing in the region for millennia and they are adapted to the specific conditions of our area, its soil, and its sun and moisture levels. Native plants have longstanding associations with native pollinators and other wildlife, so a yard with diverse groupings of native plants will reward you with a variety of interesting species that are vital to ecosystem health. Native plants are also much more attractive to butterfly and moth species whose caterpillars are vital for the rearing of newly hatched birds in spring and summer.    

Why plant in the fall? In past years the Gila Native Plant Society typically held its annual plant sale in the spring. To be sure, in spring everyone is more than ready to get some new plants in the ground. But as mid-May turns into June the heat and dryness is on, and this often takes a toll on new plantings, even after much effort and dedication.

Fall is more forgiving. The ground is moist deep down with the monsoon rains. Days and nights are generally cooler, the humidity is up and the new plantings thrive. They have time to repair any of the damage that inevitably occurs during transplanting. They are able to put out some new root and shoot growth that will enable them to survive the dormancy that the approaching winter will bring. Success in our native gardens is what we all strive for, and proper timing helps to ensure more positive outcomes.