Silva Creek Botanical Garden

Welcome to Silva Creek Botanical Garden (SCBG) on Virginia St., one of Silver City’s little-known gems!  This public garden, owned by the Town of Silver City, is managed by the Gila Native Plant Society (GNPS) and maintained by an enthusiastic crew of volunteers.

A photo of Silva Creek Botanical Garden and the historical water tank.

Recently, GNPS worked with a landscape designer to create a long-term plan for the garden, expanding and refining the existing garden to include more educational signage, more seating, and more ways for visitors to enjoy this unique and valuable space.

Planned new garden elements include a Children’s Pollinator garden, exploring the relations of plants with pollinators; an Ethnobotany Garden, displaying how people have used plants for food, fiber, and medicine; a Front Yard Garden, demonstrating the most reliable and useful plants for the home landscape; a Habitat Thicket, demonstrating the planting and maintenance principles that create good habitat for birds and other wildlife; a Grasslands Exhibit, featuring important native grasses, accent plants, and sculpture; a Life in the Creek Exhibit; and a decorative and educational tile mural, which also commemorates donors and outstanding volunteers; as well as major improvements to the garden’s entrances and maintenance area.

Photo of Desert Honeysuckle blossoms.

GNPS President Margie Gibson states, “The botanical garden is a wonderful resource for our community, and we are excited about the plans for its future!”