February 1 – February 27 – Online Course “Landscaping with Native Plants”

This four-part course will utilize Western New Mexico University’s online teaching platform, Canvas. Course cost will be $25, including a copy of our new Beginner’s Guide to Planting Native Perennials of the Gila Region. Students will be able to access the four modules at any times convenient to them from February 1 to February 27, 2021.

The four modules:

*  Students will be introduced to basic principles of landscape design. (Instructor: Jeff Boyd).

* Students will learn about the variety of plants (trees, shrubs, vines, herbaceous perennials, cacti, etc…) that can be used to create a landscaped garden or space. Native plants highlighted will include those in the Silva Creek Botanical Garden. (Instructor: Betsy Kaido)

*  Students will learn how to plant, prune and care for their native plants. (Instructor: Elroy Limmer).

*  Students will take a virtual tour of local environments landscaped with native plants.

*  Weekly meetings on Zoom will allow students to speak with the instructors to discuss questions regarding the classes or specific projects.  The meetings will be held on Saturdays, February 6, 13, 20, and 27, at 1pm until 2pm.

This course offering is full.  But we will offer it again in the future, so stay tuned!